Microtek International Inc.  is a Taiwan-based multinational manufacturer of digital imaging products and other consumer electronics. 

It produces imaging equipment for medical, biological and industrial fields, occupies 20% of the global imaging market and holds 450 patents worldwide. It is well known for its scanner brands ScanMaker and ArtixScan.

The company launched the world's first halftone optical film scanner in 1984, the world's first desktop halftone scanner in 1986, and the world's first color scanner in 1989.

It has subsidiaries in Shanghai, Tokyo, Singapore and Rotterdam.

It recently expanded its product lines into the manufacture of LCD monitors, LCD projectors and digital cameras. Microtek (Microelectronics Technology) was co-founded in HSIP in 1980 by five Californian Taiwanese, three were colleagues who had worked at Xerox Bobo Wang, Robert Hsieh, Carter Tseng and two were colleagues from the University of Southern California, Benny Hsu and Hu Chung-hsing.

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