LONGi Green Energy Technology, formerly Xi'an Longi Silicon Materials Corporation, is a major Chinese manufacturers of photovoltaics and a developer of solar projects. Longi is the world largest manufacturer of monocrystalline silicon wafers and is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

The company was founded February 14, 2000 as Xi'an LONGi Silicon Materials Corporation, with its corporate headquarters in Xian, China. It changed its name in February 2017 to LONGi Green Energy Technology Co Ltd. to better reflect its wider manufacturing scope after its acquisition of LERRI.

LONGI Silicon Materials is engaged in the research, manufacture and distribution of monocrystalline ingots. It is the world's largest silicon single crystal manufacturer. It has rapidly broken world solar efficiency records three times within five months.

The technique involves taking a silicon wafer, typically 1 to 2 mm thick, and making a multitude of parallel, transverse slices across the wafer, creating a large number of slivers that have a thickness of 50 micrometres and a width equal to the thickness of the original wafer.

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