It is the largest auto manufacturing facility in the world. There are nearly 5 production lines on a 20 km by 20km area of the plant. It is made up of five independent factories, with approximately 32,000 personnel producing an average of 5,800 vehicles per day. Among all the production lines, the assembly line is open to the public. 

When you go for visiting the plant, the first place you will visit is the Hyundai Motor Company Car Gallery. Here you get to see old Hyundai car modes and its parts. You get see car models that were never produced and also the limited editions. 

On the assembly line, you can see the production process of Hyundai’s most popular cars, lifted from one place to another and the workers installing more than 20,000 parts together within few minutes. This entire manufacturing process is awe inspiring for visitors. The primary attraction of this plant is the export shipping dock. 


Another surprising feature of this complex is the 600,000 trees planted within the area, making the plant a factory surrounded by a forest. 


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