Ewha Womans University is a private women's university in Seoul founded in 1886 by Mary F. Scranton under Emperor Gojong. It is the first founded university in South Korea. It is currently the world's largest female educational institute. Also, it is one of the prestigious universities in South Korea.

Ewha Womans University traces its roots back to Mary F. Scranton's Ewha Haktang mission school for girls, which opened with one student on May 31, 1886. The name Ewha, which means “Pear Blossoms”, was bestowed by the Emperor Gojong the following year.

The image of the pear blossom is incorporated in the school's logo. The school began providing college courses in 1910, and professional courses for women in 1925. 

The high school section, now known as Ewha Girls' High School (not to be confused with the coeducational Ewha Womans University High School, the university's demonstration school, founded in 1958), separated from the college section and is currently located in Jung-gu, Seoul. Both institutions share the same motto and the "pear blossoms" image in their logos.

According to figures provided by the university in April 2018, there are 21,596 enrolled students at the university.

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