Civil Aviation Flight University of China (abbreviated CAFUC) is the largest civil aviation university in Asia and the world's largest flight training institution. It is under the direct leadership of Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC).

CAFUC is the only full-time regular institution of higher education mainly for civil aviation pilots and controllers, from which nearly 90% civil aviation captains and 50% air traffic controllers graduated.

With its headquarter located in Guanghan City, Sichuan Province, CAFUC, covering a total area of 10.66 square kilometers (2636 acres), owns five airports as its sub-colleges for flight training, which are Xinjin Airport, Guanghan Airport, Luoyang Airport, Mianyang Airport, and Suining Airport.

Besides covering a total area of 10.66 square kilometers (2636 acres), CAFUC also possesses various valuable facilities for education, worthing more than 6.2 billion Yuan (1 billion US dollars): 

5 airports for flight training purpose, among which both Luoyang Airport and Mianyang Airport are also served as commercial airports with more than 1 million registered passenger traffic and total traffic movements; 

In total 262 airplanes for different training levels and 45 sets of 360 degrees flight simulators; 

The exclusively state-of-the-art air traffic control system with 360-degree full view built in the ATC tower building in campus and more than 400 aircraft engines.

The largest library of civil aviation in China with more than 1 million books, more than 3 million e-books and 33 international database.

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