The China National Film Museum (CNFM) is the largest professional film museum in the world. Opened in 2005, CNFM is designed to the show the history of a hundred years of Chinese cinema. It is also used to host film technology expos.

The China National Film Museum is located northeast of Beijing, the capital city of China. CNFM occupies an area of 65 acres, with an architectural space of 38,000 square meters.

The museum has 20 permanent exhibition halls and some temporary spaces and multifunctional halls for exhibition and meetings. In addition, CNFM has one IMAX theatre, one digital projection theater, and three 35mm projection theatres. CNFM houses 1500 films, and 4300 stills from works of 450 filmmakers. 

In addition, there are multifunctional halls for exhibitions and meetings, as well as various temporary spaces. The museum also contains an expo area on the fourth floor. 

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