The Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital (CMUH) also known as Chang Gung Memorial Hospital or "Chang Gung Hospital", is a hospital located in Guishan District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan. It is part of the Chang Gung Medical Foundation hospital network. The Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital offers nearly 4,000 beds and is among the largest hospitals in bed capacity.

The hospital was founded in 1978 focusing on multiple medical specialities. Chang Gung receives an average of 8.2 million annual outpatient visits with 2.4 million inpatient treatment and has an average of 167,460 annual surgical patients. Chang Gung has completed over 1,000 successful liver transplants. 

The largest hospital in the world, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taoyuan, Taiwan, has a bed capacity of over 10,000. It treats over 1.1mn inpatients a year and 3.5mn patients and employs over 5,000 physicians, doctors and healthcare professionals.

The hospital was established in 1978 and grew to encompass the Chang Gung University and Chang Gung Institute of Technology. In 2006 Chang Gung Memorial Hospital purchased the Da Vinci Surgical Robotic System for minimally invasive procedures.

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