Abdali Medical Center is a multi-specialty hospital in Amman, Jordan. It was opened on 1 July 2019. The building is powered by a 8.2 MW photovoltaic power plant, the largest solar plant in the world powering a single health care facility according to its developer. The hospital started receiving patients in early September 2019.

Established in 2007, Philadelphia Solar was the first and is the only photovoltaic (PV) panel manufacturer company based in MENA region. The company’s main activities in addition to PV panel manufacturing is to develop, design, construct, own and operate utility-scale commercial and industrial photovoltaic plants.

Jordan based Philadelphia Solar has finalized the installation of the largest Hospital Solar photovoltaic plant in the world which began its commercial operation last year.

The plant is situated in Abdali Medical Center which was founded by the investment group behind the Clemenceau Medical Center in Beirut, affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine International.

This plant is a turnkey solution project meant to generate electricity for the Medical Center that will cover its consumption, enabling it to better serve its patients by establishing a reliable source of clean energy that covers the center’s consumption of electricity and, as a result, access to a secure energy source that is a critical component to the Hospital’s ability to deliver sustainable and reliable health care.

The system consists of 25,090 Philadelphia Solar Polycrystalline panels of 325 Wp each and Philadelphia Solar Mounting Structure solutions. The capacity of the system is 8.2 MWp, which is considered to be the largest PV system installed for a single medical center in the world. 

According to constructionreviewonline & wikipedia