The record holder Ladofoods honourably welcomed the crew in the presence of the president of Vietnam Records Organization – Mr. Le Tran Truong An and a group of Vietnamese record holders. Mr. Le Tran Truong An said that he highly appreciated the dedication of the professional wine maker, Ladofoods. He stated that Dalat wine cellar not only claims the title of the high-quality wine maker of Ladofoods but also takes pride in being an international wine cellar as standard as other traditional wine making countries.

The crew took a group photo at Dalat wine cellar. Photo: Vietkings


Mr. Le Tran Truong An – the president of Vietnam Records Organization toasted
Mrs. Le Thuy Hang – the president of Ladofoods factory in wine. Photo: Vietkings

At the event, Mrs. Le Thuy Hang directly feasted the guests with bottles of wine taken from oak barrels. The wine cellar is currently containing more than 100 oak barrels to store tens of thousands of premium bottles of wine. The wine cellar’s solid construction allows a fair amount of oxyen to penetrate through the wood to keep wine in a good condition. The wine stored in oak barrel will have a flavor of romance and amazing colour.

“The wine cellar is situated on the highest region in Dalat with the height of 1.600 meters above the sea. The wine cellar’s constant temperature and humidity is ideal for making fine wine bottles. The gate is followed by a special direction of installation to keep the temperature within 16-18°C whereas the cellar has installed a thermo hygrometer to regularly keep the humidity under control. Beside, the light must always come under scrutiny to avoid degradation in wine. It is the temperature, light and humidity following the European standard that make Dalat wine cellar one of a kind – being the only European standard wine cellar in Vietnam”, Le Thuy Hang stated.

Ladofoods wine cellar, owned by Lam Dong Food Joint Stock Company (Ladofoods), appeared like an elliptical leaf under the meticulous hands of European architects.

Inspired by the philosophy of growing grapes and making wine that impress other wine making industries around the world, Dalat wine cellar bears a strong resemblance to European classical, magnificent and delicate style.

The panoramic view of Dalat wine cellar. Photo: Ladofoods

Dalat wine cellar includes four storeys with a magnificent architectural style: The underground floor is where the wine cellar is built, the ground floor stands an exhibition and a product showroom, the first floor is a wine tasting room and the second floor is a rooftop. In addition, the site is adorned by a colorful garden in European architecture.

 More than 100 oak barrels and hundred thousands of wine bottles are stored in this underground
wine cellar. (Photo: Ladofoods)


The ground floor is a showroom of Ladofoods wine products
that guests can drop by for shopping. (Photo: Ladofoods)



The first floor serves as a wine tasting room and a presentation room showing
the documentary films of wine making process. (Photo: Ladofoods)


The garden is simple in structure but modern in its European royal style. (Photo: Ladofoods)


Mrs. Le Thuy Hang feasted the special guests with wine. Photo: Vietkings

The trip to Dalat wine cellar of Ladofoods has made a deep impression on the crew. In addition, this trip facilitated Vietnamese record hoders to gain a thorough understanding of wine making process and immerse themselves in the architectural charm of Dalat wine cellar – the largest underground wine cellar in Vietnam. 

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