BEIRUT, Lebanon – Lebanon's municipality of Chekka lightened a Christmas tree which is 28.5 meters tall made with 129,000 of water plastic bottles, thus setting the new world record for the Largest Christmas Tree Made Of Plastic Bottles.

The Largest Christmas tree made of plastic bottles was built in 20 days with support from villagers and scout troops after having collected bottles for around eight months with the help of social media networks.

"I was very excited when I first started this project because it aims at conveying a message about the importance of preserving the environment by saving it from this big amount of plastic bottles," Caroline Chabtini, the lady who created the project, told Xinhua.

Chabtini explained that she used social media asking people not to throw plastic bottles, helping her in collecting over 129,000 bottles which was way more than the number needed to break Mexico's world record.

In 2018, Mexico won the record for the largest plastic bottle sculpture made of 98,000 plastic bottles used to create a Christmas tree weighing 22 tons, part of an environmental care campaign by Gobierno del Estado de Aguascalientes, Mexico. Chabtini said that the tree will stay in place for one and half months and then the bottles will go to a recycling factory in Amioun, north of Lebanon.

Supporters of Chabtini expressed their excitement about the new project and its goal.

"We were very happy to assist Caroline in building this tree because it has an environmental purpose which is among our priorities," Dani Mahfouz, assistant to the head of scout troops in Chekka, told Xinhua.

Alexander Kfoury, another volunteer, expressed his happiness about the benefit of the project by saying that money from recycling these bottles will go to the Red Cross.

"Also, this great work has gathered us in the village and it made us work like a team," he said. 

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