The Roe River near Great Falls, Montana, is a mere 201 feet long—that’s about twice as long as the distance between first and second base on a baseball diamond. Flowing continuously from its headwaters in Giant Springs to the mouth at the Missouri River, the Roe has the distinction of being the shortest river in North America.

In fact, the Roe River is often called the shortest river in the world after some petitioning by a group of local elementary students. (As a sign on the riverbank explains, it was also given the name “Roe” at the time, meaning fish eggs, for its proximity to the State Fish Hatchery.)


State Fish Hatchery nearby

Not only is the Roe a notable record holder, it is probably one of the more beautiful places to visit in Great Falls.  Nearby there is the fish hatchery, a park, a playground, a walking trail, and multiple places to hike and fish. 

According to atlasobscura