The KGB Espionage Museum is a museum dedicated to the unbiased presentation of historical and contemporary KGB espionage equipment and tradecraft.  The museum opened in the Chelsea/Greenwich Village area of New York City on 17 January 2019 and features the world's largest collection of KGB-specific spy equipment.

The museum offers interactive exhibits and guided tours. The museum in Manhattan was founded in 2019 by Lithuanian father and daughter team Julius Urbaitis and Agne Urbaityte.

The collection began under private ownership by Mr. Urbaitis in Lithuania where their first museum opened in an old KGB bunker. The majority of the collection has now been brought to the United States and is available for public view for the first time.

The KGB Espionage Museum sits on 4,000 sq. feet (370 sq. meters) and currently exhibits over 3900 objects.

The collection consists of original pieces and two replicas.  Prize objects include a lipstick gun known as the "Kiss of Death", a Fialka Machine (the Russian version of the Enigma Machine), and a suicide tooth filled with poison.

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