The North Antelope Rochelle Mine is the largest coal mine in the world. Located in Campbell County, Wyoming, about 65 miles south of Gillette, it produced 109.3 million tons of coal in 2015.


Peabody Energy opened the North Antelope Mine in the heart of Wyoming's Powder River Basin in 1983. The Rochelle mine was opened in 1984. They were combined in 1999, making the largest coal mine in the United States. 

North Antelope Rochelle is a surface mine. Draglines and trucks and shovels are used to remove the overburden. Trucks then haul the coal from the three pits to trains for shipment to customers. 


Annual Production at North Antelope Rochelle was 107.7 million tons in 2012, 109.0 million tons in 2011, 105.8 million tons in 2010, and 109.3 million tons in 2015, making the North Antelope Rochelle the largest producer of coal in the United States. Recoverable reserves are 1,245 million tons.

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