Kirkland & Ellis LLP is an American law firm. Founded in 1909 in Chicago, Illinois, Kirkland is the largest law firm in the world by revenue (US$4.16 billion in 2019), and the seventh largest by its number of attorneys (2,307 in 2019). 

Kirkland is the first law firm in the world to reach US$4 billion in revenue. The highest-grossing law firm in the world, Kirkland is ranked second globally with respect to estimated profits per equity partner (US$5.195 million in 2019). 

While Kirkland was historically considered a firm focused on litigation, during the 2010s, it expanded private equity and restructuring practices which, together with large-scale commercial litigation, comprise the core economic “pillars” of the firm. 


Kirkland has represented many prominent and controversial clients, such as British Petroleum (in relation to the 2010 Deepwater oil spill), billionaire and child-sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, Bain Capital, and a group of major investors in the international fishmeal industry, in relation to their claims against China Fishery.

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