The Cuban National Ballet School (Escuela Nacional Cubana de Ballet) in Havana, with approximately 3,000 students is the biggest ballet school in the world and the most prestigious ballet school in Cuba. It is directed by Ramona de Sáa.


The school dates back to the Ballet School of the Sociedad Pro-Arte Musical de La Habana, founded in 1931, where the prima ballerina assoluta, Alicia Alonso her former husband Fernando Alonso and his brother Alberto received their earliest ballet classes. 

In 1961, state-sponsored education began with the creation of the Alejo Carpentier Provincial School of Ballet (Escuela Nacional de Ballet Alejo Carpentier). The following year, the National School of Ballet was created as part of the National School of Art.

The fundamental characteristic of this teaching institution is in its formation, sustained in the methodology of the Cuban school of ballet. Like all the Cuban educational systems, the education of the ballet in the country is free.

Many of the school's alumni are eminent professionals, recognized in Cuba and internationally. Most of them form part of the Cuban National Ballet, one of the most important companies of the world. Some are given permission to join, or defect to, foreign ballet companies, primarily American.

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