After thousands of years of erosion, many rock pools have formed near the great Victoria Falls – and one of them… right on the very edge! Devil’s Pool – with a sheer drop and a up-close-and-personal view of the sheer drop off the side of the falls – is indeed the ultimate infinity pool!

It takes a rocky walk and swim in the Zambezi to reach the pool before slipping into the adrenalin-pumping swimming hole. Those fearless enough leap into the pool and get pushed to the edge by the force of the river, with the rock lip bringing them to a halt as the raging waters of the Zambezi crash over the cliffs a few feet away.

The view from the edge is totally exhilarating as you feel the force of the Zambezi flowing past you and crashing down over the precipice; a hundred-meter drop.

The over 500-million-litres of water that cascade over the falls every minute are not to be messed with, so as a safety precaution – guides are available at the entrance of the falls to accompany you to the pool.

Devil’s Pool is usually open between August and January – but this all depends on current water levels. If you are considering visiting the falls – you can keep an eye on this website which provides a live update of the operation status of the pool. 

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