Situated on an idyllic beach on beautiful Pemba Island, the Manta Resort offers privacy and romance, as well as adventure and water sports, on one of East Africa's finest island sanctuaries.

Within rustic thatched buildings, strung in a meandering line through lush green gardens, choose from elegantly decorated beach-front rooms and spacious villas which blend perfectly with their tropical surroundings.

Or, for the ultimate in unique luxury and seclusion, opt for the resort's spectacular three-storey suite which floats in the ocean, tethered 250 metres from the shore. From the submerged bedroom you can gaze out into crystal clear water at the abundant shoals of reef fish and coral heads; you'll also enjoy a fully-stocked bar fridge and sunbathing (or stargazing) on the upper deck – a truly memorable, one-in-a-lifetime retreat.

Head to Kipepeo Spa for a selection of massages and treatments which will transport you to your most blissed out state, with the tranquil sounds of palm fronds rustling and waves gently breaking as a backdrop. Embrace your new pace of life with a tangy Lemongrass Ginger Sling cocktail or frosty beer as the soft breeze cools your skin, before taking a romantic walk along the beach and enjoying a candlelit dinner.


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