In  many places in the World, the tap water is not ideal for espresso preparation: so bottled water is used. Instead of filling the water tank of your coffee machine from a bottle, with Tubissa you can feed the machine directly out of the bottle, it's more hygenical, faster and easier than replenish the  water tank of your espresso machine every time. 

Nespresso,  Dolce Gusto, Keurig and many other capsules or pod  coffee machines have small water tank: they require often replenishment of water if a lot of  coffee are made.

Manufacturing Process

Tubissia is made of 3 components; the rigid part, which is inserted in the machine, the flexible tube and the rigid part, which is inserted in the water container or bottle. Both rigid parts will be either 3D printed or injection molded. 3D Printing a large quantity is slow, expensive and produce parts which needs to be manually reworked. To produce many pieces we need molds for injection molding, which are expensive, but produce high quality parts with high quality finish. The flexible tube is a standard component and is bought from suppliers, and cut to length. Tubissia is then hand mounted, packaged and shipped. The kickstarter campaign is launched to finance the injection molds.

April-May 2020: Shipping of the first batch Tubissia for Keurig machines from injection Molds.


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