Winter is coming … and being cold is miserable. Just because temperatures are dropping doesn’t mean that outdoor activities have to stop. Hunting season, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, cold cars, cold work environments and classrooms are just part of life. There is no reason to be miserable while doing the things we love.

That's where ColdProof comes in. Developed by a startup in Salt Lake City, Utah, ColdProof is a lightweight and portable heating pad that gives sustained warmth and comfort for all outdoor activities. NASA technology plays a large part in this amazing product that is designed to steadily reach 113 degrees Fahrenheit, which helps you stay warmer, longer.

ColdProof has an insulated interior and delivers unidirectional heat helps that saves energy and puts heat where you want it. It is self-regulated, which ensures that consumers will stay perfectly warm and prevent overheating. This versatile design is flexible so that you can place it on a seat, behind your back or wear it inside a jacket – it can be used for literally any activity.

ColdProof runs off of USB power and can plug right into a power bank or computer. This saves so much money because consumers aren’t having to go out and buy anything to power their pad, they can just use what they already have at home.

The 11”x9” design is lightweight, making ColdProof easy to carry. You can store ColdProof in a backpack, laptop bag or even purse. That way, you can be warm wherever you find yourself – like golfing, at a soccer game or even on a bike or scooter. ColdProof has thought about every inch of the design and made it so easy for everyone to stay warm without the hassle of disposable warmers, or warmers that have to be plugged into an outlet.

Seat Comfort Systems, the company behind ColdProof, is looking to make a difference in helping keep the planet clean and free of unnecessary waste that come with a lot of heating systems that consumers would normally find themselves using in the outdoors.

Being cold is a thing of the past with ColdProof. Those who are interested in getting their hands on this amazing product at a huge discount can head over to their campaign page here.

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