The patient simulation dolls are designed to look like and mimic humans so doctors and nurses can train for various situations.Made in the city of Kazan, the devices can imitate real ill people by coughing, screaming, bleeding, urinating, and having seizures.



The company building them says the sophisticated healthcare simulators are the ‘highest standard of realism’.And they will be used to educate the next generation of medics about how to treat people suffering anything from a heart attack to a cut on their arm.A factory in Kazan, Russia, makes the patient simulators so training medics can practise on life-like models which are the same size as real people



A company named Eidos Medicine is building the simulators as part of a project by the Skolkovo Innovation Centre.Their main purpose is to give a lifelike model on which to practise resuscitation and intensive care, which would be difficult to replicate in real patients.The robot patients are built to resemble a man 40 to 50 years of age, who weighs 70kg and is 183cm (six feet) tall.



They can blink and leak fluids to simulate sweating, crying or bleeding, and have life-like joint movements.The manikins plug into advanced computers and technology so people can measure the simulated effects of the treatment they're giving

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