Current drowning prevention equipment for residential pools focuses on keeping people out of the water. Covers, fences, and alarms all act as barriers. But even with supervision, drowning can go undetected.



CORAL Manta offers live video surveillance for inside the pool, using an underwater camera and artificial intelligence technology to monitor people in the water and their positions. The computer tracks everyone in the pool and sends an alert if someone isn’t moving or goes to the bottom for too long. It’s easy to install in any inground or aboveground pool — CORAL Manta is secured to the pool’s edge and plugged into a home outlet.



The idea behind the drowning alert system came from Eyal Golan, co-founder and CEO of CORAL Detection Systems. As someone in the homeland security field who is also a pool owner, Golan says he thought there must be a surveillance system for the pool. When his search for one came up empty, he began working with a partner to create it. This adds another layer to water safety that wasn’t there before, says Golan. If all of the fences are down and adults are distracted, CORAL acts as a backup.



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