The best features that a sneaker can offer

10 times flexible

Water resistant

Strong and durable.

Perfect grip in all situations.

20% more breathable than our previous models.

Smart desgin

The concept is easy but also awesome. Imagine a sneaker that you can use at the office while you're having a meeting with your boss and also for those beers with friends after work, a sneaker that can fix no matter the situation with the maximum comfort and the last technology in sports performance, well, that´s Pathfinder.

Eco friendly

Each pair is made from 10 recycled plastic bottles. This is the only planet we can live in. The material we use is PET > polyethylene terephthalate. The plastic is used to make water bottles but also the cover of the toilet paper (disgusting). When recycled, PET goes through a cleaning, grinding, and melting process after that, we can give a second life to this plastic and help to save our planet.

The quality of all this product its simply awesome making each pair of pathfinder the most comfortable and stylish sneaker. Depending on the size, each pair of Pathfinder contains around 10  recycled PET bottles. Also, the company that is our PET supplier is accredited by the "Recycled Global Standard" certification, this means that all the processes count with the highest standards of quality always working in an eco-friendly way. 

The Pathfinder is 100% vegan PETA approved.

We have five colors to choose

Shoe bag

Also, in our Kickstarter project, we designed this technical shoe bag to make even easier your next trip. It's totally breathable but also durable (as our Pathfinder). And yes, 100% animal-free. So now, when you're packing your bag, you will not have to worry about dirtying your fresh clothing (Win win).

The perfect sneaker for the perfect traveler

The pathfinder has been designed to solve all the problems that a traveler can find on the way. No matter if you're on a weekend getaway or a summer holiday, you will always need the best on your feet: Optimal grip, lightness, breathability, water resistant and of course, comfort > With Pathfinder, we have broken our limits, we have designed the most comfy sneaker in our history.

According to kickstarter