With the life of charging cables getting shorter and shorter, cables are replaced more and more often. But, you can fix the minor breaks with BLUFIXX. This innovative gel lets you repair cables easily and instantly and in the original color. BLUFIXX fills, remodels, and protects low voltage cables and retains the flexibility you need. Simply apply the BLUFIXX gel to your cable and use the blue light LED lamp. This process hardens the gel instantly. Additionally, the gel won’t cure on its own so it will never dry out inside the tube.



Incredibly, a single tube can repair up to 100 cables and it’s also water-resistant. It’s perfect for anything from your smartphone charging cable to your controller cables to your headphone cables. With BLUFIXX you can repair cables easily and instantly! In seconds! And in the original color. With one tube of BLUFIXX you can repair up to 100 of cables. BLUFIXX is a professional solution for filling, remodeling and protecting valuable low voltage cables.

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