A modified squeegee, it lets you clean the inside and outside sections of any window with just a single motion, allowing you to finish your cleaning chores in half the time.  More importantly, it lets you stay on the inside part of the window the entire time you’re cleaning, so there’s no chance of accidentally falling off, ensuring you will live to fight the good fight another day. Or something like that.



The Tyroler Glider is a two-piece tool, with each piece consisting of squeegees and magnets. The idea is to place the larger piece on the inside part of the window and the smaller piece on the outside part such that they’re both perfectly aligned, allowing the magnets to snap on and keep them in place. From there, you just spray your cleaning solution on both sides of the window and move the interior squeegee around from one side to another going from top to bottom, making sure you go over every inch of the surface. Once you’re finished, simply snap both pieces off and you’re done.



Alternatively, you can place the included microfiber cloths on top of the magnetic sides for each piece, spray on cleaning solution, and snap the pieces in place (it will hold even with the cloth on top). According to the outfit, they actually recommend doing this as a first treatment for particularly dirty windows as a way of scrubbing off excessive dirt. The included cloths, by the way, can be washed up to 300 times before needing to be replaced.



The Tyroler Glider comes in three models: S-1, D-2, and D-3. They all work the exact same way, although they vary with the kind of magnets included in each one. The S-1, for instance, only has magnets rated for single-glazed windows up to 8mm thick, while the D-2 can handle double-glazed windows up to 20mm thick. The D-3, on the other hand, is for extra thick windows up to 28mm.

Each piece of the cleaning tool comes with two rubber squeegees, as well as two rare earth magnets to hold them in place. The magnets are supposedly so strong that they included a spacer that you can use when storing the tool, since if you snap the magnets together without a window separating them, there’s a good chance you’ll have a hard time prying them apart. According to the outfit, the squeegees are made from high-quality rubber that will last for years, while the magnets will retain their potency forever, so you won’t need to replace this for a good while.

According to coolthings