VISUAL ASSISTANT (VA) is the most customizable eye-wear system with a variety of polarized magnetic clip-on filters intended to assist and protect your eyesight in any weather condition. That includes the sun, rain, smog, snow, dusk, sunset or sunrise.  

90% of all the information that our senses deliver to us is picked up via our eyesight. More interestingly, 60% of people wear glasses, contact lenses or both. 

More than 1 million car accidents occur each year in the United States alone – with poor eyesight being identified as the sole cause for nearly 20% of all auto accidents. 

VISUAL ASSISTANT significantly improves one's driving conditions by providing the most versatile optical frame that can be easily customized for any type of driving environment. 

VISUAL ASSISTANT uses strong magnets to easily attach clip-on filters that provide perfect high definition vision, protection from the sun and most importantly – increased perception of your surroundings on the road in bad weather conditions. 

VISUAL ASSISTANT features a universal black squared frame with a bridge in the form of a keyhole that fits virtually every customer. 

Poly-carbonate lenses are the perfect choice for driving, cycling and sports activities. They are valued for exceptional durability, lightness, optical transparency and large tolerance of high temperatures. They offer 100% protection from UV rays. 

Polarized lenses are the most high-tech type of lens product that allow you to equip your eyes with maximum protection from excessive sunlight and reflected light.

Polarized lenses not only reduce glare, they make images appear sharper and clearer, increasing visual clarity and comfort. 

One of the main advantages of polarizing lenses is the effect of reducing eye strain. Since most harmful rays of light are blocked, the eyes strain less and their fatigue decreases.  Eye strain often leads to headaches and a general deterioration of well-being.

Only the most high-quality, lightweight and safe materials are used for the production of VA Glasses, ensuring maximum comfort for long periods of wear. There are no hooks or other heavy constructions to the frame. 

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