That’s right, it’s a triple loveseat, so you can plop down not just next to one person, but with two people, making it a veritable party in a single camp furniture. Want to chill with the wife and the kids while waiting for the stew to cook in the camp site? Yep, this works. How about people watching with your friends at the beach, while you drink cold refreshments and stretch your legs under the sun? Yeah, this keeps things fun.

The MoonPhase Shift Triple Loveseat literally looks like three separate camping chairs, with their legs attached together and their seats connected using extra fabric, essentially turning them into a single fixture, although the connecting fabric uses a different material, so the individual seats remain easily discernible. That means, you can still have your own individual space – just point to the line that separates each chair and tell that friend of yours to stay in their spot. Unless, of course, you’re sitting with folks you actually want to get cozy with, at which point, give them the green light to violate your personal space.

Unlike other collapsible loveseats, it doesn’t just unfold the chairs in a side-by-side configuration. Instead, users can line it side-by-side like a traditional sofa or arrange it in a slightly concave formation, which is great for facilitating more intimate conversations. Suffice to say, this is more versatile than some of the other camping loveseats we’ve seen.

The MoonPhase Shift Triple Loveseat has double-layered quilted seats that are generously-padded for lounging in perfect comfort, so you can get pretty relaxed while unwinding in the chair after a long, hard day of adventure. Despite the focus on comfort, the chair and backrest material is made from 600-denier PVC-coated polyester that can resist punctures and tearing, so you can get rough and rowdy on the chair without having any worries. It pairs the hardwearing fabric with a powder-coated 19mm heavy-duty steel for the frame, allowing it to support up to 900 pounds (300 pounds on each seat). Each end of the loveseat comes with arm rests and integrated cup holders, while the center seat has a cup pouch that hangs at the bottom, so everyone has a place to stow their own individual refreshments.

Being made up of three camping chairs that have been combined into one, you can just imagine how big this thing goes even when collapsed, essentially looking like two small backpacks piled on top of each other when the whole thing is folded down. Suffice to say, this won’t be an easy thing to bring along – especially not one you’ll want to haul with you when you’re hiking up a long stretch of trail on foot.

The MoonPhase Shift Triple Loveseat is available now.

According to coolthings