The power of applause is universal in its ability to attract attention, motivate, and liven up any environment. With the BIG CLAPPER, you get a round of applause whenever you need it. Designed to cheer you on and spread happiness, this entertaining robot uses two big yet soft hands to clap for you.



This design recreates a realistic clapping sound to make the BIG CLAPPER more like an entertainer and less like a robot. Leaving an unforgettable impact, the BIG CLAPPER also offers speech and performance functions, allowing it to handle over 500 different scenarios. The BIG CLAPPER is perfect school functions, exhibitions, corporate events and more.



In addition, BIG CLAPPER is complete with a delightful expression and roundish red body. Complete with a motion detector, BIG CLAPPER cleverly reacts to the people around. For example, BIG CLAPPER says “welcome” to those who approach and “see you” to those who are leaving.

According to Thegadgetflow