We've already seen a number of efforts to help roll kids along with ease – including the Bobtail, Roller Buggy and Elliptical Stroller – but the e-stroller doesn't take parents along for the ride, it makes walking bub easier and safer.

The e-stroller system is made up of two low-noise electric motors mounted to the rear axle, a Bluetooth module and some smart sensors. Those sensors determine the stroller's speed and acceleration while making note of the surface that the buggy is moving over. The smart part shapes up as algorithms that can predict what the parents intend to do.

If, for example, they're taking baby out for a walk, the system will automatically provide assistance while going uphill or apply the motor brake if they accidentally let go of the stroller, so it doesn't roll back down the hill. And the drive will also reduce the pull of the stroller when going down the hill, and keep things straight and steady when rolling on uneven ground during one-handed operation.

As suggested by the inclusion of Bluetooth, a companion iOS/Android app is available which allows users to select from three levels of electric assist, check the status of the battery, arm the built-alarm (which engages the parking brake when someone attempts to make off with the stroller and sounds the siren).

The 18-volt Li-ion battery is the same kind that's used in Bosch power tools and is locked away in its own compartment during use and can be removed for charging. Electric-assist range is reported to be up to 15 km (9.3 mi) for every 2.5 hours on charge.

Bosch says that the tech-packed buggy has been tested in the wind tunnel up to a seven on the Beaufort scale, and though it's not recommending taking an infant out in gusts of 60 km/h, the e-Stroller is reported to have stood its ground. And since a stroller with the e-assist system installed takes less effort to push and pull, Bosch says that user testing revealed that the posture of parents was improved.

The Bosch e-stroller system can be used for single, twin or sibling buggies and is initially planned for release in early 2020 in partnership with Swedish stroller manufacturer Emmaljunga. Other collaborations are due to follow.

According to newatlas