Enjoy your candle to the fullest with the Glorious Flame Level Adjusting Candlestick. Featuring an innovative spring design, this incredible candlestick does what no other can.

Rather than having to watch as the flame dwindles down the candle holder, the Glorious Candlestick keeps it in sight. It achieves this thanks to the built-in spring inside. Simply place your candle on the piston and it will press the spring downward. When new, the candle will take up the entire interior.

Then, as the candle melts away, it becomes lighter. As a result, the spring slowly pushes upward as there is less resistance. This keeps the top of the candle at the very top of the candlestick for the entire duration of its burn.

And, it’s pretty handy that the candle remains on top, considering the amazing designs. The Glorious Candlestick features a customizable stainless steel body. Choose to engrave and cut out shapes for anything you can imagine. You can even have a photo on the front.

According to thegadgetflow