Developed by Utah-based MC Smart Controls, the BR-1000H is intended to be a high-tech alternative to the large red decals that people used to stick in the bedroom windows of children, the elderly or the disabled. Although these might well have helped firefighters know where to concentrate their efforts, they also potentially served as a beacon to burglars, showing them the locations of the most vulnerable people in the house.



The BR-1000H likewise goes in such people's bedroom windows, although it's attached to the inside of the window frame, with only the underside edge of the device visible from outside.

In the event of a fire, the BR-1000H will automatically be triggered by the sound of the homeowner's smoke alarm, causing it to illuminate a high-intensity flashing multi-color LED – along with a laser – on its underside. The LED should draw firefighters' attention to the window, while the laser will light a path through the smoky outdoor air, further showing them where to go.



Should the smoke alarm not go off, users can manually trigger the Wi-Fi-equipped BR-1000H via an accompanying cloud-connected iOS/Android app. That app also lets them remotely monitor the device's status, and will alert them if it's activated.

If you're interested in getting a BR-1000H, you can do so for a pledge of US$159. Assuming it reaches production, delivery is estimated for next January.

According to  newatlas