Designed via a partnership between British airline easyJet and mobile tech company Travelport Digital, Look&Book gets users to upload photos of places that they're curious about to a server via the app. Utilizing image recognition technology, it then searches through a database of existing photos, attempting to match the scene in the submitted photo to one from over 1,000 European locations.



Assuming a match is found, it then goes on to find easyJet flights going from the user's location to that place, allowing them to select departure and return dates. Once everything has been set up, the booking is made.



The system is said to currently work best with screen caps from Instagram (which is what the database is presumably based on), although we're told that photos from other sources will also work. And although it's also presently limited to easyJet flights and European destinations, it will be interesting to see if other travel services start offering similar apps.

According to newatlas