LeFan Hot and Cold Eye Massager design are simple and its instrument can be operated with one hand, and a key to switch modes, it is also very easy to use. LeFan Hot and Cold Eye Massager using USB charging interface, the Built-in battery is designed for about a week of constant use, full charging takes two and a half hours.

According to the product introduction, LeFan Hot and Cold Eye Massager built-in semiconductor can produce a temperature difference between the hot and cold end of the power supply, while the back sensor through Skin contact sensing can be turned on automatically.



LeFan Hot and Cold Eye Massager with automatic temperature control head, and the front groove designed to fit the eyes of Asian populations, while the selection of semiconductor ceramic special material is also very safe, you can use the Peltier effect can quickly cooling and heating to ensure that the temperature Will not hurt the eye skin.



Using the electrothermal Peltier effect, the massager can heat the working ceramic surface to 40 ° C or maintain the temperature at 19 ° C. According to the manufacturer, in the first case, eye fatigue is removed, and in the second case, edemas decrease. The third mode alternates heating and cooling. It improves blood circulation and helps to get rid of dark circles under the eyes. On the back, there is a silicone pad for a conventional massage with high-frequency vibration.



In crowdfunding in China, LeFan Hot and Cold Eye Massager can be ordered for 288 yuan (about $46) 3 colors are available. This is by far not the most massive product, but the output on the Xiaomi site helped the manufacturer to collect more than $200,000 only for the first day. Similar devices on online stores do not enjoy such popularity, although they are even slightly cheaper.

According to xiaomibuying