The forehead region of this eye mask comes with three electrodes which capture the brainwave data in real time and combines the artificial intelligence algorithm to adjust the model parameters according to the state of the brainwave, thus obtaining real-time music. The music gradually induces brain frequency to enter the θ band, prompting the brain to relax and gradually you go to sleep. And you plunge deeper into sleep, the eye mask will automatically lower the volume to protect your hearing.



In the morning, brainwaves combined with “Easy” APP naturally wakes up the music and intelligently chooses the right time to wake you up, allowing people to get a good sleep and naturally wake up.



Easy-to-Hair Air Brainwave Sleeping eye mask is made of composite imitation linen fabric. The face side is a high-elastic sponge. It maintains good ventilation and comfort and can be used all year round. This device uses a lightweight design, weighs only 50g, and provides cat’s eye holes/ 99% shading. It is also detachable and washable.

According to gizchina