Nearly a year and a half later, ShiftWear unveiled the final six sneaker concepts: two low-top, two medium-top, and two high-tops, available in black-and-white.

You’ll have to dig deep into your pockets for a pair of these premium sneaks, available now to pre-order—with a $250 deposit. Customers can pony up the remaining $250 (for a total of $500) before delivery later this year. Add color customization for another $100.



Even the most monochrome ShiftWear shoes, however, will stand out in a crowd, thanks to a flexible, full HD color display that wraps around the footwear.

The panels provide a blank canvas, and the companion mobile app a paintbrush: Create dynamic works of art with one touch; match your sneakers to your changing outfit, mood, or environment.



Built-in batteries get a boost when in motion; to fully juice up, place the shoes on a wireless charging pad. ShiftWear also includes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi—connect to any compatible device—and an accelerometer and gyroscope—step, tilt, or move to trigger designs.



Sneakerheads can follow the apparently long, arduous process of producing shoes, which is heading to Asia, where ShiftWear will go from prototype to progeny.

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