If you’re struggling with sleep at night, you need the zLight Smart Lighting Sleep System. Originally developed by Mark Zuckerberg, the smart light inside responds to your predetermined schedule to let you know when it’s time to get up. Rather than check your phone in the dead of the night and blind yourself, zLight remains dark until it’s time to get up. Then, it emits a soft glow to alert you. 

The zLight Plus also doubles as a wireless charger for up to three devices at once. 

The zLight Pro also has built-in sensors for temperature, humidity, and CO2 to track and monitor the quality of the air in your bedroom. If something’s off, you’ll be alerted in the app so you can make adjustments for a better night’s rest. 

And, finally, the zLight Prime includes an audio system for calming wake-up sounds. Compact yet powerful, the zLight comes in three beautiful finishes to match your bedroom perfectly.

According to indiegogo