Greensens are high tech houseplant sensors that help monitor the condition of both plants and flowers. They check light conditions, temperature and soil moisture.



MEET greensens SMART home plant SENSORS!



The starter kit contains three houseplant sensors and a WLAN USB hub.



The hub helps to connect sensors to the Internet and the greensens App worldwide.



Greensens sensors are easy to install and they fit in every pot with a handy and fresh design.



With the greensens sensors you can easily measure the health status of your houseplants by accessing information at any time, from any place.

You can connect up to 10 houseplant sensors to a single hub and monitor the condition of your plants via our app.

From our app, you can see exactly how much water, light and temperature your plants need to thrive.

How does it work?
The greensens system includes flower sensors, a USB gateway and free mobile app. You just need to plug in your gateway to a permanent power source in the USB port, such as a WLAN router, your smart phone wall socket, etc. Next you can register you system and enjoy a variety of features.

All this functionality is spread between our plant sensor and data analysis, with all the calibration and information stored in a database. The sensor itself measures 3 parameters:  soil moisture, ambient temperature and light conditions. Also, these data are sent to our DB, analysed and sent further on to your mobile app, scaling precisely to your unique plant.

Inside the greensens devices you won't see many parts as they are very optimised for the maximum functionality and best efficiency. Interaction with the system is very simple, just three easy steps and you ready to go!

First you need to register your gateway and then you can connect the sensors. After your smart greensens sensor has fully changed, it will notify you over the App, and you can see the new sensor on the screen. Every sensor has its own unique serial number and during the sensor registration process you can select from our database your plant type. Sensor registration is very simple, once app notified you that  sensor is charged, you can open the and tilt the sensor down and back. This motion let you sign-up sensor with the system and let you select the houseplant you want to use with.

After you have finished your registration, place your sensor into your flower pot, and you will always be notified if your beloved plants feel thirsty, wither in poor light conditions, or the ambient temperature is not ideal.

The highly intuitive greensens app lets you access your data in an easy and comfortable manner. The main screen shows you all your plants with their corresponding statuses, such that you have a quick overview of all of your cherished plants.  Every plant has it own best of range conditions. With that in mind, in each of the detailed plant statuses, you'll see scaled ranges based on our data bank for your plant type.

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