Designed for everyday carry, the compact Helion Flip needs no tools for blade swapping, instead relying on magnets to both secure the tool and snap open and closed.

The body of the Helion Flip knife is made from a mix of carbon fiber and Kirinite and the tool functions much like a typical flip knife. The blade tucks away neatly inside the handle when not in use, and can be snapped outward with one hand by applying pressure to the blade’s top edge.

But the way it does this is a little different to your standard flip knife. Where most similar tools use ball bearings to create a pivot action and lock the blade in place, Ronin Energetics has instead installed magnets that keep it secure when both open and closed.

This magnetic setup has another use, too. The Helion Flip accepts both Stanley 1992 Heavy Duty blades and certain Fatmax utility blades, and when either have worn down and need replacing, they can easily be snapped in and out of the body.

While not so strong that the blade is difficult to remove, the magnets are strong enough to lock them in place during use, with Ronin Energetics promising 20 lb (9 kg) of magnetic force and "no rattling.”

Other details include a total weight of 83 g (2.9 oz), a total length of 173 mm (6.8 in) when open and a pocket clip along with lanyard attachment for extra carrying options. The tool is also available in a range of color themes, including orange, blue, pink and green.

Pledges over at the Kickstarter campaign start at CA$105 (US$80) for the Kirinite and carbon fiber Helion Flip, while a model that incorporates the G10 composite as a material is available at CA$118 (US$90). If the campaign runs as planned, the company hopes to begin shipping in January 2020.


 According to newatlas