Two years ago, our partner Hess walked into a meeting at our office right after working out at the gym.



It smelled like a locker room in there. He had gotten into a car accident and started using a brace that was impossible to clean. We knew right there and then, we had a problem to solve.



So we started researching natural cleaning technologies and came up with a proprietary system – PaqTech™ – using UV LED lights and O3 – also known as Activated oxygen. And now.. With one push of a button, you can deodorize, sanitize and kill bacteria to keep your bag and everything inside smelling FRESH





Even though the idea was born with the smell of the gym, we realized very quickly that life tends to get funky and the PaqTech™ System could solve for that problem for anyone on the move. 

12 prototypes later, we are now ready to launch on Kickstarter and keep you smelling FRESH!

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