This ultra-strong jacket features a shell face integrated with enough graphene to cover five soccer fields. It’s an incredibly durable material that’s 200 times stronger than steel. Combined with an eco-friendly coating, it also allows this jacket to be waterproof, lightweight, antibacterial, and even anti-UV.


The Graphene-X is even anti-static and windproof while providing temperature and odor control. Impressively, it does all this while remaining exceptionally breathable. If that wasn’t enough, this durable jacket comes with RECCO technology, a rescue tracking system. The jacket responds to a signal sent by rescuers to find you just about anywhere.


While the Graphene-X is the ultimate jacket for adventures, it’s also designed to be comfortable for everyday wear. Weighing under a pound, it even packs down for effortless and easy storage while you’re on the go.

According to thegadgetflow