Bringing nature indoors in a safe, regulated way allows grown-ups and kids to start growing precious products on food waste and start exploring the fascinating life of the Hive inhabitants (mealworms) easily. The Hive holds open source technology that controls the climate and micro-ecosystem for the insects.



All lifestages of the mealworm are grown in the Hive. It is a contiuous loop system of efficient food and fertilizer production!

Almost everything edible in your house can be converted by the Hive Explorer! Potato or carrot peels, apple cores, bread crumbs, you name it! Mealworms are ferocious eaters and you can see the process happening right before your eyes! Because they eat it right away, it won´t start smelling like your typical biowaste.



A recent study from Stanford University has found that mealworms can digest styrofoam (polystyrene). How cool is that? Please don´t eat or feed to your pets afterwards though. The mealworm by-products make fantastic plant food! It will boost your plants like a jungle in your home!



You can either have your mealworms grow infinitely through multiple generations or harvest them every now and then. You will be able to harvest between 10-20g every week while still keeping the system running.



Through the process of freezing, they fall into an eternal winter sleep without any pain. Afterwards, they can be cooked, rinsed and further processed to make a snack for you or for your pets. Recipes are included in the magazine.





Hive Explorer inhabitants are like pokemon! Watch them evolve through the different stages, assisted and guided by Hive Explorer and the accompanying magazine. Hive Explorer magazine comes with a lot of exercises and tasks making it fun and inspiring for you!



The technology in the Hive is based on Arduino and open source! Modulate temperature and humidity settings and run experiments on the growth of your insects or compare two Hives next to each other with different settings and compare fertilizer output throughout a certain timespan! The possibilities are endless!

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