Sleek and modern, this wearable keeps you mindful about the nutrients you put into your body. It supplements your knowledge about being fit and expands on what you already know, such as exercising and eating better.


FitTo fills in the gaps by helping you resist the temptation of food through the use of gentle vibrations. Pairing with an app, you simply input the times that you want to eat and let it do its work. Incredibly, the neck-worn wearable can detect when you eat outside of these times and will vibrate to remind you.


In addition, the intuitive app delivers positive advice and words of encouragement to help you stay on track. Thanks to its slim and waterproof design, FitTo can remain on your neck through workouts, showers, and even under any of your clothing.


In addition to keeping your temptations in check, it also tracks your steps and calories burned. Keeping you motivated, the FitTo app also ties in diet guidance tips and notifications.

According to thegadgetflow