But what about a desk that offers the best of all worlds – it lets you sit, stand, and even lay down while working? Enter Altwork, a totally customizable workstation. Using one of the many preset buttons on a panel built into the desk, you can electronically switch between standing, sitting and a floating reclining ‘focus’ mode that makes you feel like the captain of a spaceship.



Just about everything in the station is adjustable: the height of the desk, the height and angle of the monitor, the height of the leg rest, the angle of the seat and the desk etc. Users can program their own four presets that set the chair to a particular height and angle. This could come in handy, for instance, a fully reclined position sounds perfect for media streaming, you would want an upright position for heavy writing work, and two in-between for taking phone calls or reading.





Without monitors and laptops, the workstation weighs 210 lbs – with typical monitors, etc., about 250 lbs. The Altwork Station is rated for a 250 pound user, and the company says they are working on moving this number higher. It comes with lockable wheels, so is easy to move around.

According to startupselfie