Unlike the cotton swab you’re used to using, this device won’t push earwax further down your ear. Instead, it features a small and thin (and flexible!) scoop to catch debris. Plus, the BeBird A2 has one big thing the traditional cotton swab doesn’t: a camera.

Exceptionally thin and tactile, this unique device slides into your ear and provides a live-feed to the app. With this, you can see just how much wax is in there, or if there’s any obstruction. Just 3.5mm thin, BeBird A2 features a built-in light so you can see the full picture with ease.


The light also serves as UV disinfection. Along with a live-feed, you can also take photos and record videos for review. And, with 15 accessories, you can find the right tip that works best for your ear canal (or the stuff you’re finding inside).

According to thegadgetflow