The Tronex folds out from a circular platter form, with an auto-retracting single clip strap that holds it onto your upper back, and two bendy arms coming out with powerful LED flashlights on the ends. The backpack itself lights up a blue ring to keep you visible from behind, and you can manually position those bendy arms to point the light wherever it's most convenient.



Each CREE XHP70 LED flashlight can be set to one of three modes, with the brightest pumping out 2450 lumens on each side. Put both of them in "turbo" mode and you can probably fry an egg at thirty paces, they really turn night into day.

The bendy arm positioning system, as well as turn-to-focus lenses, let you choose how much of your world gets lit up, from a focused area in front of you to a super-wide angle that gives you plenty in your periphery. And the over-the-shoulder positioning should make this thing hands-free and convenient for all sorts of activities, from rock-climbing to cycling and of course night hiking. If you'd prefer your hips to do the shining, there's always the oddly-named Repulsor instead.





The included rechargeable batteries will last you 24 hours in the lowest power mode, which doesn't appear to use the CREE lights at all, instead lighting up a small LED ring built into the focusing mechanism for a soft, unfocused light that sips power frugally. And it's got a USB port on it, so you can use it as a 13,600 mAh powerbank if you like as well.



It looks great, but it's a Kickstarter crowdfund, so it's buyer beware as usual. The campaign has already reached its funding goals, and the team says it should be shipping by "Octember." Octember, for those of you with no kids, is a mythical month invented by Dr. Seuss that's roughly synonymous with "never." Ah, you want a new Zizzer-Zoof suit and a pair of Foona Lagoona Baboona? Sure! You can have them on the first of Octember!



Clearly the Tronex team means "sometime in October-November," but on a platform that requires a certain degree of faith from buyers, it's an interesting choice of words! Earlybirds can currently get hold of the Tronex for US$99, and the retail price once it's out will be US$149.

According to newatlas