The Smartduvet, now live now on Kickstarter, features a compressor pump and a lattice-shaped structure that sits inside your duvet cover on top of the duvet. A set of little rubber clips holds the duvet, the Smartduvet, the cover and a top sheet together at the corners, and another set holds the bottom of the whole arrangement to the foot of the bed.



A little tube connects the compressor to the hollow lattice structure, and when that gets inflated, the whole thing flattens out, making the bed for you.

If you find it a bit distracting to have the compressor make the bed while you're in the room, fear not; there's an app, believe it or not, that gets the thing to make your bed at a specified time.





At US$289 for a queen size (other sizes are available), it's a pretty pricey gimmick, and it doesn't take care of straightening out a fitted sheet, which is probably the slightly more labor intensive part of the bed-making process. Still, this system might make its way into a few bachelor pads if the Kickstarter campaign is successful.

According to newatlas