This device increases text, voice and 4G LTE for a single device inside your car, truck or SUV. Easily installed in three steps, the N-Range Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Booster improves all cell carrier signals in North America. Using Extended Range Technology™, the booster captures, amplifies and transmits the enhanced signal in an effective way.



Additionally, the N-Range booster eliminates signal loss before increasing the signal to maximize performance in any environment. Utilizing only two components, N-Range consists of an air-vent phone mount with an integrated antenna and outside antenna.


Kết quả hình ảnh cho SureCall N-Range


Moreover, the hands-free phone cradle provides a built-in vent clip and magnetic phone mount so improved signals go straight to your device. The N-Range Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Booster offers a way to call, text and stream data from any location.

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