But not all yogurt is created equal. Many mass-produced brands fill their products with preservatives, artificial flavors, and added sugars—cancelling out most of yogurt’s amazing natural benefits. The solution is obvious: homemade yogurt. Only then can you control ingredients and guarantee freshness, every time.



Introducing Yomee, the world’s first automatic yogurt maker—giving you fresh, craft-quality yogurt at a third of the cost of store-bought brands. We began with a simple but powerful question: How can we enable people to make perfect yogurt at home?



Yomee is our answer. A smart yogurt maker that automates and simplifies the yogurt-creation process—letting you decide exactly what goes inside, and lowering costs by a whopping 70%. With Yomee, creating perfect yogurt every time from the comfort of your home is effortless and foolproof.



Making yogurt with Yomee is extremely simple : Firstly, pour in your favorite milk. Secondly, drop in a Yomee pod. Finally, select your yogurt type (using the Yomee app)—and go to bed, fresh yogurt is on the way. When you wake up, enjoy perfect yogurt: fresh, chilled, and ready to eat (now or later)! And since each pod makes 2 servings, share your yogurt or enjoy it throughout the day.





However you eat yours, our Yomee double-wall insulated cup will keep your yogurt fresh and make eating on the go fun. Better yet, our cup comes with an innovative travel lid—letting you store your favorite toppings separate until you’re ready to mix and eat.

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