The new mini washing machine adopts a unique shape that looks like the shape of water droplets. The gadget is a front-loading machine and also has a LED touchscreen display which is embedded in the thick glass door. The gadget is one cool product to have in the home as it not only would function as a machine to do the laundry but also as a piece of art work. The MiniJ washing machine isn’t just designed for simple washing but has 8 different washing modes including the use of hot water up to 95°C which is effective for removing up to 99.99% of common bacteria and aphids. The washing machine is suitable for washing different types of fabrics including delicate ones like baby nappies, underwears and others. All you have to do is select the appropriate mode.



As for the main component, the MiniJ Wall-mounted washing machine uses a Direct Drive (DD) variable-frequency motor similar to the one found on automatic washing machines from popular brands like LG, Samsung and others. When compared to the tradition belt drive, the DD frequency conversion motor requires low power and makes less noise when running. The washing machine’s operating sound is just about 45dB. The compact size means the product does not take up too much space. There is also a wall bracket with which the machine is mounted on the wall.





The MiniJ wall-mounted washing machine comes with a 2499 yuan (~$379) price tag and is presently available on Xiaomi Youpin. With Xiaomi’s ongoing IPO, we expect the company to develop the capacity to make these products available outside China. The pricing is modest but when it gets listed on third-party retail websites, expect it to have a premium price tag.

According to gizmochina