We use a unique combination of 3 of the most innovative textile technologies – something which has never been done before in a 100% cotton product.

On the outside our t-shirts are hydrophobic. This means that they repel liquids and semi-liquids. Even serious spills like red wine or beetroot juice can easily be rinsed off with water.



The inside absorbs and wicks away moisture, automatically spreading your sweat across a larger surface and towards the exterior of the cotton, making it easy to evaporate through the fabric. Moisture wicking also makes the fabric breathable and fast-drying. Visible sweat stains become a thing of the past – even in a grey t-shirt.





Our t-shirt is the perfect marriage between style and performance. Together with our designer we used data from 67.000 men to design the perfect fit. Our grading ensures the basic fit matches 85% of European male bodies.



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