Shooz are made of a "Skin" and a "Sole which are detachable and interchangeable and allow you to create a style that’s perfect for you and perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re traveling, biking, running, working or just going out for a night on the town, you can carry around your flat-packed skins and customize Shooz to fit any occasion. Just choose your styles of Skin and Sole, zip them together and get going!



Shooz are made up of two different, interchangeable parts: a Shooz Skin and a Shooz Sole. Connect the ends of the skin and the sole special waterproof zipper, just like you would with a jacket. Once the zippers are linked, close the snap fastener on the heel and your Shooz are ready to go! You can customize and get creative just by choosing from the variety of skins and soles, giving you tons of footwear options for any occasion.



With Shooz, we want to give you a unique style for every occasion. We have everything from workout soles to more casual, urban soles that you can mix-and-match with a multitude of different colored skins. Don’t let price hold you up from looking your best.



You can finally stop settling on which shoes to take on a trip when there’s no more room in your suitcase. Make more space for clothes and souvenirs and still have a variety of different footwear with Shooz! Just lay the Shooz Skins flat in your luggage or backpack – EACH PAIR WILL TAKE UP THE SPACE OF A T-SHIRT.

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